This construction-themed counting mat can be used indoors with playdough, Legos or any other small manipulatives you have. You can also bring it outdoors for some nature fun and grab some real stones to use! Either way, your preschoolers and kindergarteners will have a great time mastering their counting skills.

Set It Up

For this activity you will need:

  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Counting manipulatives of choice: playdough ‘rocks’, real stones, etc

  • Optional but recommended: laminator to make the counting mat durable

Below are the supplies I use personally at home. After doing so many printable activities, I’ve found that it’s most helpful to always have these basic supplies on hand. 

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Start It Up

Print out the mat and, ideally, laminate it to make it more durable. This is especially recommended for using with playdough or in the classroom setting.

Print out the number cards that you wish your preschooler to practice. Numbers 1-30 are provided for you. Place these number cards in a stack.

Decide what counting manipulatives you will use and then ask your preschooler to pick a card from the stack to count out. Super easy but versatile game!

Level It Up

For older children, you can try doing skip counting with the number cards or adding a zero to the end of the numbers making then 10, 20, 30, etc.

You could also use 2 cards at a time to make a simple addition or subtraction activity.

Pair It Up

  1. This GizmoVine construction vehicle set has movable parts, lights, sounds and all the works!

  2. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherry Duskey Rinker is a children’s classic that can make even adults relax before bedtime.

  3. You can use any counting manipulatives, including playdough balls, real stones, Legos etc. Mathlink Cubes are another example of a commonly used small manipulative for counting.

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