Upper and lowercase alphabet matching is one of the simplest independent activities you can setup when you need a few minutes of quiet playtime. Dinosaur- themed games like this one are always a hit with my son.

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Set It Up

For this activity you will need:




Crayons or markers

Optional: laminator to make it durable and reusable, recommended if using this game in a preschool center


Below are the supplies I use personally at home. After doing so many printable activities, I’ve found that it’s most helpful to always have these basic supplies on hand.

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Start It Up

Print out the uppercase alphabet mat and the lowercase letter sheets. Cut them into individual lowercase letter cards. It’s a good idea to laminate them if you want to keep it as a file folder game and use this activity again.

Place the lowercase letter cards face down in a stack. Ask your preschooler to pick a card and match it with the uppercase letter.

Once they have found it, you could get them to color it in, use dot markers or even cover it with any small manipulative you have. Keep doing this for each letter until they have all been matched.

Level Up

With my son, who is already familiar with matching upper and lowercase, we added a phonics component to the game and he had to name something with that letter as its beginning sound.

You could also add a timer and see how many they can match in 1 minute for example.

Pair It Up

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