We have a huge park near us that hosts a farmers’ market every Saturday. Now that the sun is back, our family is back at the park too! These 5 activities will get your preschooler excited to check out the farmers’ market with you. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about healthy eating.

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Set It Up

For this activity you will need:

  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Crayons

Below are the supplies I use personally at home. After doing so many printable activities, I’ve found that it’s most helpful to always have these basic supplies on hand.

If you don’t have the materials needed, don’t sweat! You can get it delivered to your doorstep really quickly with Amazon Prime. You can get a 30-day free trial here.

Start It Up

One of the games in this pack is a scavenger hunt sheet that you can print out and take with you when you visit the market. Although most farmers’ markets tend to focus in fresh produce, there are other things that your child can spot too!

Mr. R loves to shop and ‘pay’ for things when we go to the market. The second game you’ll find in the pack is a count and color worksheet where your child can go ‘shopping’ for a list of different produce.

Next is a cut and paste sorting game to classify fruits and vegetables.

Finally, the last two activities are a good chance for you to introduce your child or student to healthy eating concepts like eating a rainbow everyday.

In one game, they have to sort the different produce according to color and stick them onto a rainbow sorting mat. In the other game, they can color themselves in as superheroes who are strong because they eat a rainbow everyday.

I also use this superhero theme in my Mighty Munchkins Fruit and Vegetable Literacy Activity Pack because, well, kids loves superheroes!

Pair It Up

1) The best activity to pair this printable pack with is definitely a trip to the farmers’ market or even a supermarket. I’m always trying to encourage Mr. R to eat healthier and I find that physically bringing him with me to farmers’ markets and supermarkets helps get him excited.

Seeing all the colorful fruits and vegetables around him makes him want to try them all. This was definitely the case recently with an eggplant. He pointed at it and said “I want to buy this mommy because it’s so long and I did not tried it before. Do we need to wear our apron to cook it?”

2) Grab the free Fruit and Vegetable Activity Pack for more printables on healthy eating.

3) Also, check out my Mighty Munchkins Fruit and Vegetable Literacy Pack. Preschoolers can learn the alphabet while exploring different fruits and vegetables. This is available for sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers store and includes over 200 no-prep worksheets.