Watermelon 4-piece Number Puzzles

These 4-piece watermelon number puzzles will keep your children entertained while working on early math skills like number recognition, counting and subitizing.

Summer Sunflower Alphabet

This cut and paste activity helps kids move on from learning the ABCs to mastering the alphabetical order.

Birthday Activities Pack

This birthday pack includes activities that help develop literacy, math and visual discrimination skills.

Rainy Day Alphabet

This rain-themed alphabet game will keep your preschooler entertained while waiting for the weather to become a little more pleasant.

Bunny Addition to 10

Your preschooler can practice doing some addition to 10 sums using the adorable bunny number slider that comes with the worksheet.

Bunny Carrot Match Up

Are you gearing up for Easter? Your preschooler will love this numbers and colors matching activity with an Easter Bunny theme!

Spring Counting Clipcards

This activity is perfect for preschool number recognition, one-to-one correspondence and counting skills.