Develop your child’s early math skills with these 3 different scarecrow-themed image sets that they will arrange from smallest to biggest. Introducing the concept of sizes to a young child develops their spatial sense. Later in school, this will be called geometry.

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Set It Up

For this activity you will need:





Optional but recommended: Laminator

Below are the supplies I use personally at home. After doing so many printable activities, I’ve found that it’s most helpful to always have these basic supplies on hand.

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Start It Up

Print the image set you wish to use and cut them up into the individual pieces.

Laminating makes the pieces more durable and I highly recommend doing this especially if you’re using it in a classroom.

Jumble up the pieces then ask your child to arrange the pieces in order of size.

Level Up

You can print all 3 different image sets and present them all jumbled up together. This way your child will need to sort them and arrange them by size at the same time.

Pair It Up

My Scarecrow Preschool Themed Centers is a variety pack of 10 different games focused on early literacy, math and fine motor skills.

Games included:

1) Scarecrow Letter Case Matching

2) Scarecrow Missing Letters – works on alphabet order by filling in the missing letter cards; Easy, medium or hard versions for both uppercase and lowercase included.

3) Scarecrow Race and Chase Beginning Sounds – name objects starting with a specific letter to reach the finish line

4) Scarecrow Rhyming – 12 pairs of rhyming words that the child can match up

5) Scarecrow Spin and Cover Letters – works on letter recognition. 

6) Scarecrow Counting Strips – Fill in the missing number in the sequence. Easy and hard versions included.

7) Scarecrow Number Tracing Strips – laminate and practice writing the numbers with a dry erase marker

8) Scarecrow Ten Frame Matching – match up the number with correct ten frame representation

9) Scarecrow Roll and Graph – Roll the dice and mark the number on the graph. Works on early math and visual discrimination skills.

10) Scarecrow Tower Building Number Cards – Use as counting mats to work on one to one correspondence.

Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.